Colonized Imagination

Devised Piece. 

Conceived and Performed by Steph Reies

Colonization has been present for decades and has a notable effect on the conquered people from the invasion of territories, cultural behaviors, language, and imagination.  The colonized have changed to adapt to new behaviors imposed by the colonizer.  A question that is present in this investigation is: What is underneath the colonized imagination that provokes the construction of beauty? It is necessary to unleash the blanket that is their body, to open the skin, and undress the imagination. 

Why undress the imagination? Because by undressing the imagination, the memory, the colonized behavior, and layers from the past, we will show the hidden. The hidden is the contra mask needed for the construction of the character that will develop a dramaturgy. The hidden concept is to understand the layers that are not visible in the colonized body, imagination, and behavior. This piece has a character called Luisa, an archetype inspired by the feminist activist Luisa Capetillo that explores the imposed colonization (territory, culture, language) that carries the memory and what has been lost, forgotten.  Using history, dual language, puppetry, physical movement, text, and illustrious people from Puerto Rico, the piece will develop a journey to find cultural liberation within the Latinx community and expose white supremacy.

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