Virtual Exhibition

Part of Arthaus Berlin Exhibition 

Welcome to this virtual space where you can find the current exhibition of my mark-making work.  These past eight months I have been exposed to new provocations in the arts developing and learning new forms of creative material.  One of the most provoking experiences has been the creation of a daily practice using materials like painting, paper, charcoal, water, markers, color pencils, and more. After all the daily practice that I had done, I come up with three images from an installation of a physical theater piece that still in process. I mentioned that comes from a piece that still in process because this is why the mark-making had become a religious practice that provokes new beginnings to my work.  The practice opens new spaces every day and sometimes open spaces that were closed before.    

Please enjoy the journey.


How clean is your water?

Because I only drink from my tears, I trust them.

By StephR


While you look at the images you can hear;

Are you privileged...

Thank you for visiting the exhibition.  Feel free to share thoughts about the work and open the conversation.  De compartir se trata el arte. More mark-making work at with my Hands here,  Love StephR


  1. Interesante y profundo, el agua es el vehículo de vida del planeta y es un derecho, pero solo algunos pueden obtenerla. A esto se les llama privilegiados, como en muchos otros derechos que solo llega al privilegiado. Thank you for share your amazing and deep vision of our world and show it in artistic way. The artist misionis to inspire to think deeper.


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